2022 Favorites (The year that was)

With it now being 2023, this seems like a good time to take a look back at 2022. The year was its usual mixture of both excitement and disappointment. But as I look at the overall, there was far more good than bad. I also got to make some new friends, and see some old ones I haven’t seen in awhile. What I present here are some of my favorite shots from last year, in no particular order. For photographers, what constitutes a favorite is not necessarily the most technically excellent shot, but the one that speaks to us and gives us the feeling that we accomplished something a bit little special. In most cases the average viewer may not agree, but this is why I call it favorites not best shots. As usual starting a new year I have no idea what is to come. For 2023 I will do as I always have and try to improve on what I have done in the past, and become better at my trade.

So I hope you enjoy what is presented here, and here’s to new opportunities in the future.

FANATEC GT World Challenge – Racers Edge Acura – Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Ferrari Challenge North America – Aaron Weiss – Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Moto America – Mathew Cunha / Hunter Dunham – Road America
Road to Indy, Indy Lights – Stingray Robb – Road America
OPC Michigan City Grand Prix – Husky Chocolate / Australian Navy – Michigan City Indiana
SCCA Blakhawk Regionals – GT2 TA Mustang – Blackhawk Farms Raceway
FANATEC GT World Challenge – Triarsi Ferrari 488 – Road America
Honda Indy Grand Prix – Josef Newgarden – Mid Ohio Race Course
FANATEC GT World Challenge – Turner Motorsports BMW – Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Trans-AM by Pirelli – Matthew Brabham – Mid Ohio Race Course
Moto America – Richie Escalante / Suzuki – Road America
IMSA Lexus Grand Prix- Acura DPi – Mid Ohio Race Course
FANATEC GT World Challenge – Crowdstrike AMG – Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Lamborghini Super Trofeo – Shehan Chandrasoma – Road America
Sonsio Indy Grand Prix – Josef Newgarden – Road America
Weathertech Sportscar Weekend – Pfaff Porsche – Road America

Maple City Grand Prix

My first chance to shoot powerboat racing came in 2008 when I shot the Kankakee Regatta for the first time. Being the speed junkie that am, I was hooked from then on. Since then I have tried to add more powerboat racing to my yearly schedule. In 2013 I began to see post on the web about the inaugral Maple City Grand Prix in La Porte Indiana. As the details began to emerge, I became fascinated by the course layout. All other races I have seen have been on oval courses, so the addition of a right hand turn was too much to resist. I was not disappointed. Although the weather was not optimal the first year, I managed to get enough good shots to insure I would return in 2014.


The weather for this year was more cooperative, and yielded even better shots than the previous year. Spectators were treated to some of the most exciting racing they have ever seen from both classes. The nature of the course layout allows for unique perspectives, and some very dynamic shots. You get more of a sense of the action than you do in some places.


The course layout has become popular among the drivers as well, who find the addition of a right turn a nice challenge. The more experienced drivers take it in stride and just go about their normal task of trying to get more speed from their boats.





This event has grown in attendance, and participation in the two years it has been in existence, and I see no reason why this trend should not continue. It is a good venue, great course layout, and very exciting racing.

Top Shots 2013: Powerboat Racing

Powerboat racing for me was one of those passions it took me too long to get around to shooting. My original focus on airshows left little time for other types of events. I finally came to the realization that I would have to cut back on airshows to make time for other ventures. 2013 was the first year I was able to shoot more than one powerboat race. Different venues and, types of racing made it a good year for me.

Jimmy Merleau  – In Low Light.

I have shot the Kankakee Regatta since 2009, and in that time have captured some amazing images, and met some very talented people. Some years (mostly due to weather) have been better than others, but 2013 may have yielded some of my best photos yet. I guess the past years have helped me to know what I am trying to achieve, and how to go about it. I think this years shots show some of that. Also two of the images here I feel are among the best I have ever captured at this event. I’ll let you guess which ones.

Rob Rinker – Whrilpool.
Chris Fairchild – Bad Fast.
Wade Tuchscherer – Best Graphics of 2013.
Tammy Wolf – Full Throttle.
13 Stihl – 38′ Skater : Robert Noble, Driver – Grant Bruggemann, Throttles

Held at the southern most tip of Lake Michigan, the Michigan City Grand Prix brings the ultra powerful offshore racing boats to the Great Lakes. Twice I have scheduled this event, and twice I had to cancel due to scheduling conflicts. When this happens the event becomes a priority event for that third year. This means only a very special, or one of a kind event could bump it from my schedule. That did not happen, so I along with my friend Rob Edgcumbe got to witness some incredible racing.

45 JD Byrider – 38′ Skater: Tony Marcantonio, Driver – Mark Kowalski, Throttles
5 WHM Motorsports – 40′ Skater: William Mauff, Driver – Jay Muller, Throttles
13 Stihl – 38′ Skater : Robert Noble, Driver – Grant Bruggemann , Throttles
77 Lucas Oil MAVTV – 44′ SilverHook®: Michael Silfverberg, Driver – Nigel Hook, Throttles
14 Snowy Mountain Brewery – 29′ Outerlimits: Brain Forehand, Driver – Maddie Janssen, Throttles
P3-8 Team Kilt – 34′ Fountain: Richard Davis, Driver – Tony Canale, Throttles

As you will notice in some of these shots, these boats quite literally fly. Designed for rough water they seem to handle it extremely well.

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