Formula Vee

Ever since I first became interested in racing, I have known about Formula Vee. I can remember reading an article years ago about its origins and popularity. It is in fact the least expensive way to get into racing for the hobbyist. With a small investment, and a little mechanical know how, you can go to local small road courses and enjoy a weekend of racing with like minded individuals.

An SCCA membership will get you all the information you need to get started, as well as dates of upcoming events. Then there are online forums with other racers that will help answer questions, help you find parts, and how to’s on solving any problem you nay have. I often marvel at the family participation I see at club events. Teams range from a family, or group of friends, or to what I call the three man team. Which consist of a man, a car, and a dog.

Formula Vee originated in the 60’s and is based on the 1963 Beetle. While body styles and shapes have changed a bit over the years, they are still using the same 1200 cc engine, 4 speed transmission, and link and pin suspension. They also use the same type of wheels and tires from the stock VW. To this day Formula Vee remains one of the least expensive, popular, and fun ways for the everyday race fan to go racing themselves. With various gatherings drawing as many as 60 plus cars, and it’s popularity shows no sign of diminishing any time soon.


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